Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Show Icon - What Do You Think?

New Icon for the Kindle Books Money show.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to Find Free Kindle Books

This post is going to be updated later when I have more time.

Let's start with the easiest method, where you can find the Top 100 Free Kindle Books in any category.

Step One - open your AMAZON.COM account and login.

If it doesn't say AMAZON PRIME, than you won't get access to all the free books.

[It's only $70 per year (or something like that) - I'll correct later] - so, it's worth it!

Step Two - go to the Kindle >>> Kindle Books

Step Three - under Browse, and under Popular Features select Bestsellers.

Your Top 100 Free Bestsellers are on the right hand side. Wanna drill down into a specific category - choose from the genres on the left, find Bestsellers again and you'll have your list again.

Just download at will - remember, you're storage on the Kindle is never a problem since it's all stored IN THE CLOUD!

If that helped you - tell a friend.

Up and Running on Kindle Books Money

Talk Radio Show - 2 Episodes Down

Well, I just couldn't wait until Monday to do another episode of Kindle Books Money. So I just wrapped one up a few minutes ago.

This episode was called: "How to Find Free Kindle Books" and if you check below you'll find the link to hear that show. It's a short one, and in it I promised to provide links to lists of free Kindle books - which change daily - so, you'll have no excuse not to buy a Kindle if you don't already have one.

But before I list the second episode, I wanted to provide a link to the first episode as well.

So - Here they are:

Listen to internet radio with Kindle Books Money on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to internet radio with Kindle Books Money on Blog Talk Radio

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Pinning Kindle Profits

I'm working hard to get co-creator Barb Ling on the Kindle Books Money show - maybe even before next Monday. I'm very excited about recommending her Pinning Kindle Profits product, co-created with Sam England and packed with a slew of bonuses from other marketing experts working on Kindle projects. Here's the link for now, if you want to get in on the lower price. It's a dimesale, so price goes up and up a little each 2 or 3 sales until it reaches a cap. Pinning Kindle Profits: Pinning Kindle Profits For those of you writers unfamiliar with Warrior Forum... warning - don't let yourself get lost in there.

Kindle Books Money Inaugural Show

Hello Welcome & Greetings!
Just a few short hours ago, I had the first inaugural show of Kindle Books Money, on my Radio Talk Show platform Blog Talk Radio.

And just a few hours before that - I dreamt of the idea - and thus true to my training - which is Ready, Fire, Aim - I went ahead with the show, despite failing to get a single Guest or Call-In person.

Ofcourse, what do i expect, considering I only got the word out to a meager few and than with only minutes to spare before the broadcast was to begin.

On top of everything else - wouldn't you know - my laptop of choice - has a problem with all the USB connections, so the laptop fan device doesn't cool my system, and 30 minutes before show-time...yes, you guessed it.


But that didn't stop me. Oh no. Armed with my back up laptop, I soldiered on. And at ~10:05 called in with a cell phone attached to a short cord and too far away to put up against my ear and gamely started the first show ever of Kindle Books Money.

It went pretty good. I mean, yeah - the intro music took FOREVER, and my cousin's Youtube video audio was HORRIBLE Whitney Nichole - Love Again (to hear it properly - sheesh - sorry Whitney, Cus!)  - but that's obviously what I get when I put a speaker cell phone on top of a laptop speaker... and I really had no idea what I was going to talk about (thanks to all the techy issues) until seconds before the show, overall - I give myself a C grade on the first show, maybe even a C+ which is passing grade and at the end of the day - I did something, and hopefully those of you who tune into this show got something out of it as well.

Here are the books discussed in the show - all available on Kindle:

Tune into tomorrow for the next installment, and be sure and sign up for our RSS Feed in case you miss an episode.