Friday, April 27, 2012

Kindle Books Money Inaugural Show

Hello Welcome & Greetings!
Just a few short hours ago, I had the first inaugural show of Kindle Books Money, on my Radio Talk Show platform Blog Talk Radio.

And just a few hours before that - I dreamt of the idea - and thus true to my training - which is Ready, Fire, Aim - I went ahead with the show, despite failing to get a single Guest or Call-In person.

Ofcourse, what do i expect, considering I only got the word out to a meager few and than with only minutes to spare before the broadcast was to begin.

On top of everything else - wouldn't you know - my laptop of choice - has a problem with all the USB connections, so the laptop fan device doesn't cool my system, and 30 minutes before show-time...yes, you guessed it.


But that didn't stop me. Oh no. Armed with my back up laptop, I soldiered on. And at ~10:05 called in with a cell phone attached to a short cord and too far away to put up against my ear and gamely started the first show ever of Kindle Books Money.

It went pretty good. I mean, yeah - the intro music took FOREVER, and my cousin's Youtube video audio was HORRIBLE Whitney Nichole - Love Again (to hear it properly - sheesh - sorry Whitney, Cus!)  - but that's obviously what I get when I put a speaker cell phone on top of a laptop speaker... and I really had no idea what I was going to talk about (thanks to all the techy issues) until seconds before the show, overall - I give myself a C grade on the first show, maybe even a C+ which is passing grade and at the end of the day - I did something, and hopefully those of you who tune into this show got something out of it as well.

Here are the books discussed in the show - all available on Kindle:

Tune into tomorrow for the next installment, and be sure and sign up for our RSS Feed in case you miss an episode.

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