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It's About the Books

This is a summary of the books discussed on the Kindle Books Money show entitled "It's About the Books" broadcast on May 8th, 2012. May 8 - It's About the Books

I'm a big advocate of self-publishing. Why wait 20 years - facing rejection from traditional publishers - when you can your book out there and start developing a following? Kindle is the perfect place to begin your self-publishing. - Heidi White
Kindle Bestsellers:
Fifty Shades & The Hunger Games remain at the top of the Kindle Bestsellers list. This is nothing new, and if you haven't read either of these trilogies - what are you waiting for? I also want to go over some of the other top selling books on Kindle, so here's a sampling - just to wet your literary taste buds.

Psychopath (Crimescape)
Dr. Katherine Ramsland
61 Pages

Grim detailed true crime story about a wicked evil real-life Hannibal Lecter man named H. H. Holmes, a devious and cunning serial killer - you know - the worst kind - that likes to watch their victims die... It's a short book 'with pictures' - (yuck!) and if you like this sort of delving into the mind of total and complete psychopaths, the Psychopath is for you. As for me . . . I had enough with Button Boy - I guess, I'm too gentle for most horror. On the other hand - evil horrible people are part of life... so, learning about how they tick isn't a waste of time - even if you have to vomit once or twice while reading this. This was also featured as an advert one day on the Kindle screen saver - which could explain how it was in the Top 10 Kindle paid Bestsellers on May 8th and no where to be seen within the Top 100 ten days later.

The Long Way Home
Karen McQuestion
337 Pages
Four women bound by chance take the trip of a lifetime in Karen McQuestion's fifth novel The Long Way Home.
I love a good road trip story, and this one has something for everyone. Four women from Wisconsin, Marnie, Laverne, Rita and Jazzy end up on the road together, headed to Las Vegas to reunite Marnie with Troy, Troy, the boy she raised as her own—and who she's been separated from since her boyfriend's death. Jazzy is bubblly and quirky and hears voices of the dead and the other women, all thrown together on this road trip by a chance meeting travel together in the humorous and heartwarming and sometimes bitersweet journey in an effort to change their lives with something special in store for each woman.

Deadlocked: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel
Charlaine Harris
336 Pages

Great authors don't always get good reviews...396 Customer reviews and average review is 2.5 stars - not good, not good at all.Review that sums it up? "meh!" Twenty years on the same character and plot? I guess I'd run out of creative juice too.

The Marriage Bargain (Marriage to a Billionaire)
Jennifer Probst
212 Pages
While I do belly-ache on the broadcast about how 'sick' I am of the constant parade of fricken 'billionaire' male heros in so many romances, this story still has some elements to recommend it. For one, the heroine, Alexa Maria McKenzie, is a bookstore owner - so, she can't be half bad... and she casts a love spell - so, that's kind of cool. So, the fact that she conjures up a man who is now all powerful... but had once before shattered her heart - well - that's just how these kinda romances roll. A classic tale of man who has to marry to keep his fortune and woman who agrees to save her ass and the - oh, don't tell me your shocked by this - and the inevitable falling in love - despite best-laid plans not to let that happen. (I hope the sex is good...probably is, considering how well this book is selling.)

The Felig Chronicles
Interracial romance involving the battle against human destroying invisible aliens
122 Pages

Something Else Wicked (Felig Chronicles)
107 Pages

On Air Guest....Miss P. J. Dean called into our show and shared about her quest to get published.
"I write romances, but when I took my story to regular publishers they said my story was 'too out there.' Combining aliens and interracial romance didn't fit into their narrow romance formulas. However, I went to Canada and found a publisher that was willing to look at and eventually publish my Felig Chronicle books, so my advice to other writers is Don't Give Up."
The Last Boyfriend: Book Two of the Ins BoonsBoro Trilogy
335 pages

A new novel of a shared past, a fresh start, and a lifetime of love. Nora Roberts can spin a story and always leaves her reader satisfied. This story about brothers hoping to get a Bed and Breakfast up and running has everything you need for a pleasurable relaxing fun read.
The Innocent
David Baldacci
433 Pages
Classic tale of a hitman who suddenly can't pull the trigger... when facing his most innocent target, a wayward teenage gir. It's really a testiment to a good writer's story telling skills to have us rooting for a man who was once a stone-cold assassin, when we witness the growth of a heart. Of course, one doesn't just decide not to finish a job without facing consequences, and this book is a thrill ride as the former hitman struggles to keep the girl and himself alive.

11th Hour (Women's Murder Club), James Patterson
$14.99, 401 Pages

The Book Case (Kindle Single), Nelson DeMille
$1.99, 49 Pages

The Witness, Nora Roberts, $12.99, 492 Pages

The Deal, Adam Gittlin
$7.99, 454 Pages

The Lucky Ones, Nicholas Sparks,
$7.99, 337 Pages

Snake Skin: A Lucy Guardino FBI Thriller, CJ Lyons,
$0.99, 392 Pages
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  1. Dear Heidi,

    Thank you for the impromptu interview on May 8th. I really didn't expect a full 5 minutes. The above spread with my two book covers is humbling. I am very grateful. Your show is on my Blogtalk list of fav, informative shows. Continue to enlighten. I'll be listening.

    Yours in sucess,
    P. J. DEAN

    1. Oh Thanks PJ Dean.... It was great to have you on the show!