Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Book Talk from Cheesecake to Vampires

On the May 22, 2012 episode of Kindle Books Money - Tuesday Book Talk - I covered Kindle books from a whole slew of topics. I also gave my opinion on how great it was to actually have access to all these great electronic books.
Be sure to listen to the broadcast if you missed it (or just wanna hear it again...wink) and if you haven't already started following the Kindle Book Money Radio Show - what are you waiting for?

The following is a list of all the books discussed on the show, click on the images or the links to get more info on any book or to download the free sample.

We began the Tuesday Book Talk with, of all things, cook books. And why not? It's awesome to be able to go get a cookbook on something you're trying to make write now and instead of subjecting your clunky laptop to the rigors of a sticky or damp kitchen, or using up more toner and paper from your printer and then having pieces of paper to deal with when you're done with your cooking exercise, with a Kindle ebook you can simply download the recipe book, find the recipe in question and carry your Kindle around the kitchen as you put your culinary delight together.

You don't even need your reading glasses, because you can always expand the size of the text if you find yourself - sans glasses - at any point in the process. And that same procedure goes for anything - from making a cheesecake, (as our first book in the list will teach you,) - to fixing the brakes on your car.

I talked a bit about how it's becoming OK to pull out your Kindle and start reading it, as people find its like you've picked up a magazine. Unlike your cell phone, which if you take it out in front of relatives and spouses and start tapping away - the Kindle is far less obtrusive - once they get used to seeing it around.

But I digress... and I'm even covering some things that weren't on the show - so, enough of that - lets get rolling on the books.


Cheesecake - How To Make Cheesecake:All your questions answered - anyone can create the most mouth watering cheesecake for any occasion quickly and easily, with my helpful hints and tips
Sophia Johnson
107 Pages

Potato - The Nutty Spud is No Couch Potato
Gloria Hamlin
41 Pages
A humorous look at the potato and its many uses from table to home remedies

Short Story

Grandma book - I love my grandmother & her mystical blue violet eyes (Alicia adventure series)
Peter G. Nogel
34 Pages


Heavy Bags of Soul
K.D. Rose
224 Pages

"Spirituality for Rebels"

Let it Go
Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven
T.D. Jakes
274 Pages

This New York Times Bestselling Author will show you how to "Let It Go"


K.M. Ashman
230 Pages

Published April 5, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Seth Grahame-Smith
353 Pages

(mainstream) #1 in Fiction Horror

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