Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Money Mondays and Technical Glitch Tuesday's Done

Let's recap the shows so far this week. Money Monday's and Tuesday's Open show both suffered from technical issues, but at the end of the day - each show finally had a good result - once the live callers got access.

Monday Dave Lynch couldn't make it, due to technical issues on his end, so David Vallieras stepped in and did a fantastic job helping me talk about the business & money making side of digital publishing. David was a fount of information, and I look forward to having him on the show again.

You can listen to the archive links here: http://amzn.to/K4QvKR

Today's Tuesday show had the worst of the technical glitches so far. I lost all the chat callers after 20 minutes, and than it took another 25 to get the show back on the air - with yours truly making desparate please to Blog Talk Radio Chat Support... Finally we got a new version of the show scheduled and fortunately the authors of The God Hater were able to step in for a full on writer's interview.

The God Hater: Discovering Life after Death
5 Star Highly Rated 24 Reviews

You can listen to the archive links here:

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  1. I just listened on archive to your interview with my dear friend Randy Attwood - I'm the other editor he mentioned, although he got my name spelled wrong and put me in the wrong state :-) He's already apologized to me, he hadn't expected it to come up. I would mention that continually making "uh-huh" and "OK" comments through the interview is a bit distracting, but I'm hardly one to talk, 'cause I'd probably do the same if I were to do live interviews :-) Probably why I prefer email interviews. :-) I also did one of the blog interviews that Randy mentioned, which you can find on my Blog - Now is Gone - under the April entries, if you're interested. I won't be obnoxious and leave a link here :-) If you're curious, I charge a minimum fee for up to 25000 words on an ms. and then a per-word fee after that. As Randy said, it's quite reasonable, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my services. I still have a few openings later this year (it's mostly due to how busy I am that I wasn't able to do more books for Randy, as he generally needed them done before I could guarantee it for him).

    Anyway, thought I'd look up your blog and let you know how I enjoyed finally hearing Randy's voice, and his getting a bit of attention. He's an awesome writer and I've loved every single one of his books (and I've read all of his books and novellas, and all but one of the short stories, that are available, so I could be considered a bit of an expert in Randy Attwoodism *grin*)

    1. Hey Katy - welcome to the show. Go ahead and post a link here - it's all good.

      I tried to cut back on my uhms and OK's - thanks for the feedback.

      I used to be in Toastmasters and they'd keep track of those verbal disfluencies and ring a bell each time.