Thursday, May 3, 2012

Featured Author of the Week - Randy Attwood

Today we had a fabulous show with featured author Randy Attwood.

We discussed his latest book for the Amazon Kindle,Crazy About You.

Randy talks about this book, where he draws on his own experience as an Asylum brat growing up on the grounds of mental institutions and hospitals. Brad, a high school student, and son of the Larned State Hospital dentist, get's involved in the life of a disturbed schizophrenic teen named Suzanne. One of the inmates, who committed a horrible crime as a minor, has been living out his life in institutions - in the separate wings just for the criminally insane. But, Brad's father has done the man's dental work - and as far as he can tell, the guy is completely normal.
But, when a brutal murder takes place in the town, everyone assumes it was someone at the institution.
So, the story covers the events of that week - which include Brad's prom, more interaction with Suzanne the schizo and the group of employees who run a theft ring and threaten to lock Brad up with the dangerous wacko who killed his own family. Don't miss it!

Randy Attwood, also shared his writing career stories, and talked about some of his other books, available on Amazon Kindle, including a distopia novel called Rabbletown: Life in These United Christian States of Holy America about life in 2084 when the Religious Right run the world, and 41st Sermon, the story of an Episcopalian priest who, while alone on a one week fishing retreat, succumbs to sin after drinking and visiting the local strip club. Soon he's having sex with a thrill-seeking parishioner, who's real identity turns out to be .... well, I don't want to spoil it.

All of Randy's current titles on Amazon can be found at his author's page here: Randy Attwood Author Page

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